Giving Thanks

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving – a holiday where we express our gratitude for the gifts with which God has blessed us and the gifts which our friends have shared with us.    It’s a holiday of excess: tables crammed with food and friends, groaning bellies, five kinds of pie – more blessings than we can handle!

WestM isn’t really a place of excess – our limited staff and budget means we wear many hats, juggle many responsibilities, and sometimes, face many challenges.  At the beginning of this year, we faced a major challenge in terms of our funding situation.  We were told that our denominational support would be dropping drastically, and we weren’t sure what the future would bring for us.

WestM is, however, a place of gratitude; and today, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for all of you who have stepped up to help us through this challenge.  Our budget remains tight, but donations are up.  We’ve already received more than we expected this year, and at our recent Make a Joyful Noise choral fundraiser, we brought in nearly twice as much as at last year’s event.  We are truly grateful for your generosity and support – you bring us hope and warmth in what could have been a grim time, and we say “thank you.”

May all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving, with much around you for which to be grateful.

About WestM

Westminster House United Campus Ministry at Oregon State University
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