Grace and Peace to you!

What a difference a week makes! It almost feels like summer out – or at least that spring is maturing into its true self. We hope you have an opportunity to appreciate it without it getting in the way of school-related stuff. Another sign that it is spring is the fact that the university’s program calendar is loaded up. This week is Holocaust Memorial Week for OSU (and the world). Tim works with the planning team for this week at OSU and encourages you to take advantage of some of their events. It was good to see a couple of you at the opening event last night. Here is the link for the schedule (we also have a poster on the bulletin board just inside the front door of WestM).

It was good to share time with several of you on our beach retreat. Check out pictures on our WestM Student facebook page. Below is what’s up this week through WestM. Please let us know how we may be of support for you as this term moves into the second half.

Wednesday, 4/30. 5:30-7:30 PM Student Gathering @ WestM

Join us beginning at 5:30 for dinner and nourishment. At 6:30 we move into Face-to-Face Time with MacKenzie leading us this week in a consideration of courage (and maybe some connecting creativity).

Saturday, 5/3, 9:30 AM, OSU Mom’s Weekend Brunch @ WestM

You and your moms (and other family members) are welcome to join us for this newly revived gathering for brunch and a creative time with Moms and family. Please let us know if you are coming so I can plan for enough on both food and craft supplies. We will appreciate some help in setup for this on Saturday morning.

About WestM

Westminster House United Campus Ministry at Oregon State University
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