Stone Soup Kitchen

Sign up to volunteer at Stone Soup Kitchen, providing meals to the homeless. WestM organizes volunteer shifts for  Tuesdays during Fall, Winter and Spring terms. WestM coordinates volunteers from the OSU Community (Students, Faculty, Staff, Alum, etc.) for these shifts. Please sign up for several shifts as we always need help.

To sign up please visit our online form:

Fall 2021 Sign Up (Sept 28- Dec 7)

If you’re already signed up, please read the information below. Please abide by the following schedule and rules when participating:

Stone Soup Kitchen at 1st Christian Church, Corvallis

These are details for those of you who are new to volunteering with us at Stone Soup Kitchen. WestM organizes the volunteers who serve the Tuesday evening meal through the facilities of 1st Christian Church, 602 SW Madison Street. The church is located adjacent to Central Park on the corner of SW 6th and Madison Streets. For those of you driving, there is some limited parking in the lot behind the church. We ask that volunteers go around to the back parking lot and enter the church through the double doors from the parking lot. Proceed down the half flight of stairs and the kitchen will be the next door on your right. (With Covid precautions we are keeping this door closed so the door at the bottom of the ramp by train tracks is open).

No particular skills are needed – just a willing spirit to serve and to connect with our guests. The work will all be supervised by experienced folks. While the space and meal is fully accessible, due to the nature of the work we can only accommodate 1-2 volunteers in wheelchairs.

Some food safety and other issues we need to attend to:

  • Covid vaccinations are required of volunteers to help keep our diners and volunteers safe.
  • When volunteering you must be wearing shoes that are closed – no sandals or flip-flops. This is an issue of safety for you as well as safety for our guests (dirty feet may bring in bugs that aren’t helpful for food safety).
  • You need to be free of cuts or open sores on the your hands or forearms.
  • You should be free of any symptoms of gastrointestinal illness (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).
  • Report all injuries, even minor scrapes, to shift manager.
  • Treat every person with respect.
  • Show up when you are expected and stay for full shift. ( If you cannot, notify Rob in advance.)
  • Contact Rob if you become concerned about someone’s inappropriate conduct – volunteer or diner.
  • Keep confidential any private information you learn from diners or volunteers.


During Covid we have radically streamlined our Stone Soup Service so it is safest for both our volunteers and our dining guests. This has included:

Cooking Volunteers: (3-5:15pm)

  • All cooking is currently being done off site and is handled by a catering company.
  • They bring trays of prepared food and portion it into to go containers in the kitchen.
  • We have emergency grant funding helping with this added expense.

Serving Volunteers: (5pm-7:15pm)

  • Must be younger than 65
  • Temperature Check Taken at Arrival
  • Masks and Gloves Required at all times
  • Physical distancing from Cooks, from each other, from guests

Dining Guests:

  • Required to maintain distancing
  • Required to wash hands as they get in line
  • To go meals only
  • Meals are individually distributed through the side door (Diners do not come into the building.
  • Table and sneeze guard separate diners from servers
  • If you are interested in signing up to volunteer or need to communicate about volunteering, please sign up online at the top of this page (If that’s not working contact


Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry @ Westminster House