Tea Room


WestM tearoom and teagarden

An experiment in campus community for students, faculty, staff, and families. It’s simply a chill environment great for studying, pausing, or simply hanging out. We will have hot water, tea, hot chocolate, cider. What we really need is you and your good energy. While we will accept donations, everything is FREE. Really!

During Covid times we have very limited indoor seating BUT we have opened up our new outdoor tea garden complete with tables, umbrellas, and wifi. All OSU campus and Benton County Covid precautions are to be followed at all times including masking, social distancing, and group size limitations.

Full details at our Facebook Page


Volunteer to be a tea host.

Most importantly you are helping us maintain a space dedicated to peace, justice, and community. You are a welcoming presence. Additionally, you’re just helping restock water, tea, condiments, and helping troubleshoot problems. Setup and cleanup should be less than 15 minutes. Middle shifts should be incidental work.

Setup (First Shift of the Day)

  • Heat water
  • Restock and bring out tea cart
  • Turn on outside power
  • Quick leaf blow
  • Quick table wipe
  • Bring out chairs
  • Put up table tents
  • Open Gates

Middle Shifts

  • Greet People
  • Play some tunes but not so loud so as to disturb neighbors
  • Keep water, tea, hot chocolate, cider stocked
  • Clean up and messes
  • Generally trouble shoot

Cleanup (Last Shift of the Day)

  • Bring in table tents
  • Wipe tables
  • Bring in chairs
  • Bring in teacart
  • Shut off outside power
  • Close gates

Please sign up today to help us host this community space.