Covid19 Times at WestM

We are operating during unusual times as Covid19 has OSU taking all classes “remotely” and restricting the vast majority of group or even face to face interactions. We will be using THIS page to list current programming, activities, and policies. The great news is we have a lot still going on just in a very new way.
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COVID Precautions (Reducing risk for our participants AND our community)

    • Adhering to ALL Campus AND Community guidelines including
    • Masks
    • Social distancing
    • Handwashing/Sanitizing
    • Group Size
    • Outdoors when feasible. Well ventilated when not.


Current heightened COVID policies.

Use Hand Sanitizer or Wash Hands on Arrival
Wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth when anyone is present
Groups of up to 10 can meet in McLean

Maintain six foot plus social distancing for all attendees. You need to actively enforce this.
Use only red vinyl chairs that are easier to clean.
No potluck style sharing of foods.
Limit building use to one room (No Kitchen, hallway, limited bathroom)
Please disinfect door knobs, light switches, chairs, and other high touch surfaces before and after your groups use. Use provided instructions and supplies.
Maintain a contact list of persons present and keep for at least two weeks.
If a person becomes sick or tests positive for Covid, please let both us and your other attendees know (you do not need to share the name of the infected person)

Discuss as a group if there are additional precautions you may like to take.
Do not sing or participate in exercises that might result in heavier breathing.

Disinfection Procedures
Use spray bottle to moisten all surfaces listed above.

Thank You for Your Cooperation
It’s not just about your health but all of the people in our community
including those who may be in high risk demographics.