WestM frequently rents space for community events.  Room rentals are only available for not-for-profit events.  The group does not have to be incorporated as a not-for-profit, but the purpose of the event must be essentially non-profit.

The McLean Room is our larger space, suitable for up to 76 people.  It can be set with conference-style tables and chairs.  Fees: $30 initial fee (up to 3 hours), $10 for each additional hour. You can see when the McLean Room is available here.

The Student Lounge is a smaller space with couches, suitable for approximately 15 people.  Fees: $15 initial fee (up to two hours), $5 each additional hour.  You can see when the Student Lounge is available here.

The kitchen can be rented with either space. This is a small commercial kitchen, including a gas range and oven, fridge (limited space), commercial dishwasher, sinks, and a central island.  We have various pots, pans and cooking implements; plates and silverware; but limited serving dishes.  There is an additional $10 fee for kitchen use.

We can also provide a flat-screen  TV and DVD player.  The TV has an HDMI port and cable if you want to show a powerpoint.  We do not have a sound system available.

If you’d like to make a reservation, first please review our room use rules.  You can then request a reservation via this online form.

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