PutEmOutWestM takes to heart what it means to be a good neighbor.  We recognize that smokers can often be stigmatized and pushed to the margins. We further recognize that for many participants in support programs that meet in our building, smoking may be a less harmful addiction. While we don’t condone smoking, we do tolerate limited smoking outside of our building. We need those who are smoking to do so responsibly and to encourage other smokers to do so responsibly. Smoking, vaping, and open flames are completely prohibited in our building.

No Fires! PutEmOut!

  • Conditions are often very prone to fires. Especially in our landscaping and beneath the redwood tree that ironically provides such great shade in a very popular smoking location. We have had cigarette fires already.

Obey University Policies

  • Smoking or carrying any lighted Smoking Instruments is prohibited in any indoor or outdoor space on the OSU Corvallis Campus.

Obey City & State Ordinances

  • Smoking and vaping shall not occur within a reasonable distance, not to be less than ten (10) feet, of any entrance, exit, window that opens, ventilation system of any enclosed area where smoking is prohibited or of any accessibility ramp or service line that extends out of doors.
  • No Marijuana! Sorry. Absolutely not!

Don’t Litter

  • Always put your cigarette out and put it in a cigarette receptacle. Do not put it in the trash as this is our leading cause of fires. Unfortunately leaving your butt in an open coffee can usually leads to the butt on the ground because persons experiencing houselessness dump the can looking for butts to smoke.

Ways smokers can help…

  • Acknowledge that we’re really trying to work with you.
  • Follow our smoking guidelines especially the fire considerations but also the 10 foot rule including our back door.
  • Self police the other smokers. Remind them about fires and litter. Perhaps even pick up after those who are giving all smokers a bad name. Be community with each other.
  • Volunteer to help at our community clean up days.
  • Make a donation to WestM. Everything we do (including cigarette receptacles) is paid for by the generosity of donors. We always need donations.

Want to Quit?

Interesting in making or buying your own cigarette receptible? See Below!

Our on going problems with smoking and fires!

Before Pastor Rob had learned anything about WestM he had already heard stories about fires on the property and Pastor Tim’s ongoing battles as smokers were pushed off campus onto surrounding properties. Yes campus pastor’s share stories at our national gatherings.

The combination of smokers, trash and persons experiencing houselessness have made for ongoing problems including several fires. Smokers have been pushed off campus because of the university smoke free policy. They tend be to pushed to adjoining properties like WestM. The high campus foot traffic creates a considerable litter problem.

  • If we just put out trash cans, smoldering butts get thrown in with the trash and we get fires.
  • If we just put out ashtrays or coffee cans, trash gets thrown in with them and we get fires. They also invariably get dumped on ground by persons looking for butts to smoke.
  • If we put out cigarette receptacles and trash cans, we get twice the volume of trash in any given week than we can put in our dumpster.
  • If we buy commercial cigarette receptacles, person’s experiencing houselessness, break off the tops to get to the unused butts. At first we repaired things but eventually they just hauled off the top portion of the receptacle. The bottom portion quickly filled with a combination of trash and butts and YET ANOTHER FIRE!

Destroyed and Fire

Currently we no longer provide trash cans on Monroe because they would fill to overflowing overnight and people would just pile trash at their base. Ironically we were pulling more trash out of our landscaping when there was a full trash can there than when we provided no trash can. We also can’t handle the volume of trash it generates.

We have now moved to custom made cigarette receptacles that are hopefully indestructible, trash resistant, fire resistant, and not easily dumped out on the ground as people rummage for butts.

Current cigarette receptacles

Having purchased commercial cigarette receptacles that simply got destroyed and still led to fires, we finally made our own. Here are instructions if you want to make some.


Supplies (I made 3 because of 10 foot pvc length)

  • 5 Gallon Bucket (For mold)
  • 5 Gallon Bucket to mix concrete
  • Quickcrete 20-30 lbs each
  • Rebar about 12-16 inches each
  • 4 inch PVC about 40 inches long each
  • 4 inch PVC Drain Cap
  • 4 inch PVC Knock Out Plug
  • PVC Glue
  • Screw for Drain Cap
  • Sand

I started by cutting the PVC pipe into 40 inch lengths. Try and keep the ends square and sand off imperfections.

Cut two 6-8 inch rebar lengths. I didn’t want this PVC working it’s way out of the concrete base. it will also strengthen the base. Use a blade designed for metal. A simple hack saw could do the job.

Cut Rebar

Drill holes for rebar. I did mine at 90 degrees from each other about 3 and 4 inches from the end. Also drill two holes near the other end to insert butts. I also lightly sanded the printing off of PVC.


Cut bucket for form. Mark it and cut it. I then cut one slot so the rebar ends can slip through. One slot is enough because you can rotate it when you put it in. The form can be reused several times or just buy a couple extra buckets if you want to do several all in the same day.


Mix your concrete per instructions. I tried three different depths and liked the deepest one of almost 4 gallons.


Put your form on sacrificial piece of plywood.

Poor your concrete in the hole. It actually piled up on the sides of the hole creating a nice funnel to pour the rest in. I then scrapped the funnel pile in. I jiggled the sides of the mold to get it to settle. I reached in and leveled it as best as possible.

I inserted the PVC with rebar, twisted for second rebar, and wiggled it in until it was just off of the bottom. You may need to work it up and down a time or two to get it to flow into the middle around the rebar. Keep a foot on the top of bucket because you don’t want to accidentally lift it and spill everywhere. A bit may seep out the bottom and that is OK.


Use a level to get it vertical and support it. Let it dry per instructions. Usually several days. Tap seepage off of mold. Releasing the mold was probably the hardest part of the project. I final just used an old screw driver and a hammer to tap it loose.


Tape and paint. I just used some old parking line paint we had laying around. Paint or print instructions. I painted “Prevent Fires”  “Put ’em Out * Put ’em In” and arrows pointing to holes.


Drill out the center of the drain so there is a larger hole to put out butts in sand. I used a one inch spade bit. PVC glue the knocked out center of the knock out onto the base of the drain so there is a little “sand” tray at the top to crush out butts. This is the one part of this project that I’m not sure will really work. I just wanted to encourage people to extinguish the butts before dropping them down the tube. The challenge is to make the sand hole small enough that they don’t just leave butts in sand.


Put screw through side of PVC pipe to hold drain cap down. I am hopeful that those digging for butts don’t have a screwdriver. The only way to empty this is to remove cap and turn it over, concrete base and all. I’m hopeful it doesn’t fill quickly and that the butt ends don’t ignite.

I’m not up to making any for you as the cost of mailing the concrete would be prohibitive. The actual supplies were probably less than 10 each. If you live local I may be able to find a student to tackle the project.